Intercultural Ministries

Intercultural Ministries

Intercultural Ministry, grounded in a theology of diversity, is just one way in which The United Church of Canada continues to hear the Spirit speaking to the church. After almost 100 years of ministry in Canada, we continue to find ourselves journeying from tolerance, to respect, to multiculturalism and now we are exploring a vision of inclusivity, which embraces such culturally created divisions of race, language, gender identity, socio-economic and educational access.

This has not always been an easy journey – especially as a denomination grounded in privilege. We are a denomination that endeavours to recognise the harm we have caused others whom we call friend, Sisters and Brothers. Some of those difficult learnings arise from recognising how we have been complicit in racism, such as the Residential School system as Settlers to addressing gender inequality and recognising the oppression and violence experienced by the affect of theologies’ that judge those who begin to embrace the blessings of their sexual identity.

God's Intercultural Calling

In these challenges, we know we are not alone. As we journey toward this vision of inclusivity, we continue the conversation about our institutional privilege and also celebrate that intercultural extends well beyond simply traditional racial or cultural contexts. From our families of origin and families of choice, from the sports and arts in which we participate, intercultural opens up the ability to have conversations that celebrate that in our diversity, in the gifts of differences, we reflect more fully the Body of Christ. We pray – therefore – that this library will be a helpful resource as you begin (or continue) this journey of inclusivity called Intercultural Ministry.


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