Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry

One of the ways in which and through which Winnipeg Presbytery is endeavouring to explore this time of denominational change and cultural shifting is through the philosophical lens of Appreciative Inquiry (AI). Philosophical speaking, AI positions itself to recognize that not only do the words we use hold power, but they are directly influenced by that upon which we focus: if we see change as intrinsically deficit and fear grounded, then we will likely only be able to reinforce that story. But if, as is theologically grounded in embracing a Creation that is abundant filled, the questions we ask invite us to see potential all around us.

The following assumptions, offered in 2003 by our Anglican Sisters and Brothers, invite faith communities to shift the use of language and questions that are grounded deficit to recognising the rich wisdom that can be experienced, if we see our stories as holding ways the past might inform us how to do exciting things now, in order to create a life-giving future not yet imagined:

Philosophical Assumptions
  1. In every church community something works;
  2. What we focus on becomes part of our reality;
  3. The act of asking questions in a community influences the group in some way;
  4. People have more confidence and comfort to journey to the future (the unknown) when they carry forward parts of the past (the known);
  5. What we carry forward, should be what is best about the past;
  6. It is important to value differences; and,
  7. The language we use participates in creating a new reality.

We hope the following links and resources, might help you to begin the journey to recognising that your own faith community possesses the wisdom to create new realities that are grounded in the Good News to which we are called to share with extravagant abandon!


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