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By Winnipeg Presbytery
April 2, 2016

As The United Church of Canada undergoes fundamental structural change, Winnipeg Presbytery has responded by nurturing congregational renewal and capacity building. This focus is realised by the implementation of several initiatives. Though there is overlap in intention – namely how to enable and nurture faith communities to embrace change with nimbleness and energy – each are focused on an area that affects life both within and beyond the walls of ‘traditional’ church. Each of these initiatives, in turn, are grounded in a missional understanding that extends from a theology of diversity:

We invite you to explore the growing resources for each of these initiatives and also to check-in frequently, by following the links above, as they will be updated regularly with new tools and opportunities. It is our hope that these resources will not only serve to help Winnipeg Presbytery thrive in this time of change, but are freely offered denominationally. We celebrate that we are not alone and that we are invited to live life abundantly by radically sharing, in order that our Body reflects the work to which we are collectively: the sharing of the Good News!

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