Winnipeg Presbytery (The United Church of Canada) Church Development Inc. (CDI)

Winnipeg Presbytery (The United Church of Canada) Church Development Inc., commonly known as CDI, was incorporated in 1989.  Its members are appointed annually by Winnipeg Presbytery.  The corporation invests funds from disbanding congregations and provides grants and loans for projects according to Presbytery policy.  As of December 31, 2017, CDI administered funds totaling $1,835,297.

CDI officers for 2017/18 are:

Grants and Loans Available

Winnipeg Presbytery through Church Development Inc. (CDI) makes grants and loans available for United Church projects consistent with Presbytery priorities, subject to the availability of funds.

To be eligible applicants must:

* United Church accountable ministries refers to any kind of local ministry unit that is accountable to any Court of the United Church of Canada, including congregations, pastoral charges, missions, incorporated ministries and any outreach ministry or other ministry accountable to a Court.

Please email the completed application form and required documentation to by the deadlines stated below.

Grace Fund (loans only)

Provides loans for United Church building repairs and renovations in Winnipeg.   

Deadline to receive applications: Accepted anytime

Range of grants awarded 2010 – 2017:  loans from $45,000 – $90,000.


Winnipeg Presbytery Christian Service Fund (grants only)

Provides grants to United Church congregations in Winnipeg and United Church accountable ministries within the bounds of Winnipeg Presbytery for projects and programs intended to improve quality of life for disadvantaged persons in Winnipeg.

Deadline to receive applications:  March 31 and October 15.

Range of grants awarded 2010 – 2017:  $1479 – $20,000.


Pastoral Charge Development/Redevelopment Fund (grants and loans)

Provides grants and loans for activities intended directly or indirectly to create new pastoral charges or increase membership of existing pastoral charges in Winnipeg.  This is meant to include initiatives that promote development/redevelopment through worship, fellowship, education, witness and service.   Part of this fund is restricted to activities in St. James until February 2016 and Spirit Path initiatives until December 31, 2022.

Deadline to receive grant applications: March 31 and October 15.

Deadline to receive loan applications: Accepted anytime

Range of grants awarded 2010 – 2017: $1500 – $50,000.

Range of loans awarded 2010-2017:  none


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