Renewal: Update (171130)

We have new updates for the following Renewal initiatives: Affirming Ministry; and Appreciative Inquiry.

Renewal: Update (171117)

Affirming Ministry

We have new updates for the following Renewal initiative: Affirming Ministry; Appreciative Inquiry; and, Reconciliation.

A Deacon’s Musing|#MeToo

I am the child of a survivor. When I called my parent to share what I was considering writing about for this week’s musing, I did so with a deep respect and awareness of what a survivor walks with every and each day. I remember the nightmares waking me and the moments of extreme fragility Read more…

Affirm Talks (November 29/17)

As a United Church community, we invite anyone who is seeking answers, information, or just affirmation is encouraged to join us and is welcome in this space.  We will be seeking out difficult knowledge; however, we will also be learning how to share light and love within painful circumstances.  This event is recommended for those who are Read more…

A Deacon’s Musing: Vignette|The Cat

I never liked your inside places. I think I was in one for less than seven of your days, after being removed from my pride. I liked the open spaces and freedom to be what I am. I liked mice chasing and bird watching. I liked deciding when I wanted to eat and when I Read more…

Renewal: Update (170503)

Affirming Ministry

We have a new update for the following Renewal initiative: Affirming Ministry

Renewal: Updates (161021)

We have new updates for all of our Renewal initiatives: Affirming Ministry; Appreciative Inquiry; Intercultural Ministry; Reconciliation; and, Social Media

A Deacon’s Musing: Vignette|Honour Roll

We’re everywhere and in almost every church that is older than 50 or 60 years old. We are framed, sometimes dusted, other times not. We line your walls as silent witness to the many years that have passed. Memories, vibrant still, yet often dormant. We are dated, often 1914-18 and 1939-45. In some places, we Read more…

Renewal: Updates (161012)

Affirming Ministry

We have added a new blog to the following Renewal initiative, which explores the Transgender workshop held at Churchill Park United Church: Affirming Ministry.

A Deacon’s Musing|Holy Saturday #2

Part #1: Holy Saturday Since last week’s initial exploration of Holy Saturday, I have been trying to figure out where to go next. It is not so much that I do not know what I want to offer for reflection, as much as it is that the general length of a blog often requires focus Read more…

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