Approved Executive Minutes – September 29, 2015

Approved Executive Minutes – September 29, 2015

A Deacon’s Musing|The Story of Then

This piece of fiction arises out of a way to use art – literature – as the introduction to Dea. Richard’s PhD project with the Taos Institute and Tilburg University (Humanities). The use of story is intended to offer some context to a very old Christian debate, which occurred between two church leaders in the 4th Read more…

Winnipeg Presbytery Weekly

We have started a new social media feature utilising The Winnipeg Presbytery Weekly! This is a collection of articles, links, news, videos & images that are shared through the Presbytery’s social media network. We hope this proves of interest as just one other way we might share the Good News!

A Deacon’s Musing|Phobia

Many of us mistake Phobia for true fear. Whereas fear is a gift from God to be used for self-preservation. Phobia are obstacles strategically Placed in society by opposers of positive existence. Through Stereotyping, innuendo, false documentation, and glorification they’ll Turn your fear switch to a permanent on. We can change this by changing The Read more…

A Deacon’s Musing|#LestWeForget

I do not think that we are in danger of forgetting. I think we remain most conscious to honour those who have died on battlefields – known and unknown – that take men and women from their homes and families. I think we endeavour to honour those who have been injured on battlefields – known Read more…

A Deacon’s Musing|The Goal

“Keep your eyes on the goal,” he concluded with encouragement. That’s sort of how President Joey Dearborn of the Conference of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario completed his verbal report to those of us who were gathered for the Executive face-face, which just ended this week. Before I continue with Joey’s intent, let me not assume Read more…

Draft Winnipeg Presbytery General Meeting Minutes – October 13, 2015

Draft Winnipeg Presbytery General Meeting Minutes – October 13, 2015

A Deacon’s Musing: Vignette|A Letter

What would he write to you, if he could? I am blank – with no words scribed upon me – yet I can imagine what he might write to you, from the other side, if he could. If – in your grief – this is helpful, please unfold me, find solace, perhaps even healing? Perhaps Read more…

Draft Executive Meeting Minutes – October 13, 2015

Affirming Ministry

Draft Executive Meeting Minutes – October 13, 2015

A Deacon’s Musing|Remembering

Often – while trying to navigate change – there is a tendency to ask: “Who am I now?” Frequently – following conflict that has transformed – there is an inclination to ask: “What now? What next?” And – all to regularly – people and organisations that try to navigate uncertainty can find themselves paralysed, fearful Read more…

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