Draft February 2, 2016 Presbytery General Meeting Minutes

Draft February 2, 2016 Presbytery General Meeting Minutes

Draft Executive Minutes – February 2, 2016

Draft Executive Minutes – February 2, 2016

A Deacon’s Musing: Lent|Mindfulness

indfulness is a great word – especially in context of exploring the Christian practice of Lent. It’s a helpful word particularly because it enjoys a general acceptance in popular culture. As a result, it does not suffer from the assumptions that often limit conversation about religion. In other words, conversations about mindfulness are not associated with Read more…

A Deacon’s Musing: TED|Ep. 4

“What will you do after the bullets miss you?” Brian Bowman asked during TEDxManitoba (now TEDxWinnipeg) in 2014. Watching the video again reminded me how striking his sharing and vulnerability were two years ago. As he described his experience of violence during an internship in Mexico, I felt a clear connexion with my position writing from Read more…

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) Workshop – April 29, 2016

Affirming Ministry

What is AI? AI offers an alternative to the deficit based ‘problem solving’ paradigm that is so widely used in our churches and organisations.  The AI paradigm sees the church as a mystery that should be embraced as a community of believers with infinite imagination, infinite capacity and potential.  This makes all the difference as Read more…

Draft Executive Minutes – January 12, 2016

Draft Executive Minutes – January 12, 2016

A Deacon’s Musing: Vignette|Silence

So you’ve come back, have you? You think whenever it’s convenient, you can come here, sit and reflect? Is that really what you’re doing? You know when you come, there’s no escape from what’s been written on the wall. Some call that memory’s wisdom – whatever it is, it’s always there. I wonder if you Read more…

A Deacon’s Musing|(A)Theism

For those who read this blog regularly, you will know that, as an organisation, The United Church of Canada (UCC) has been exploring structural change. There are many rationales for this, often grounded in a perspective of deficit. This orientation can definitely lead to difficult and awkward conversations. It can also, in my experience when Read more…

Highlights of 2015

Affirming Ministry

This report is a summary of the Winnipeg Presbytery General monthly meetings in 2015.  Please click here >> Highlights of 2015

Draft Executive Minutes – November 24, 2015

Draft Executive Minutes – November 24, 2015

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