A Deacon’s Musing: #MicroPoetry|June ’17 Verses

Patterns swirl recognised & unnoticed acknowledged & avoided In cadence & repetition potential’s symmetry awaits awakening’s alignment Inspired by patterns spied …

A Deacon’s Musing: Appreciative Principles|Positive

Planting seeds – a practice that has an old literal and metaphorical pedigree. It is clear from a context that ranges from the planting of urban flowers and herbs, micro & community gardening to large scale agribusiness, the soil in which we plant, the time to nurture and curate often results in efficient terms like Read more…

A Deacon’s Musing: Poetry|Fear & Courage

Creator’s gift courses through us from stem to vein thought to action when life imperilled Be fear choice beckons fight or flight protect or retreat fear and wisdom dawning dancers Be

A Deacon’s Musing: Appreciative Principles|Poetic

Where we look is what we will see. When we focus, we will see more clearly. What we want hope, desire and want influences the way we will see an opportunity. If we look for what is broken and inefficient, inadequate and flawed, then that is what we will find. If we look for what Read more…

A Deacon’s Musing|Canary Weaponised

I recently had the privilege to sit with Brothers and Sisters from Augustine United Church. We were continuing our work around evangelism in the context of social media. One of the things we wrestled with was moving away from seeing the medium as simply a bulletin board, but more as the commons or town square Read more…

A Deacon’s Musing: #MicroPoetry|May ’17 Verses

Every month I tweet #MicroPoetry! In 140 characters, they are part prayer, thought, reflection, challenge or something in-between. I look forward to sharing them with you and hope that they may lead to reflection, musing and perhaps even discussion!

A Deacon’s Musing: Appreciative Principles|Anticipatory

As I have recently explored, in respect to Expansive Christianity, Jesus’ ministry was informed by the prophetic tradition of the First Testament. There are many examples in which his ministry can be explored through this Testament, which can serve to illustrate the Anticipatory Principle. In fact, biblical scholar Walter Brueggemann’s work – such as The Read more…

A Deacon’s Musing|Expansive Christianity

Politics and faith are intimately connected. We may like to imagine a story in which that is not the case.  In my Canadian context, we display a certain pretension that we have well separated state and religion. Though I wish that the pretence created space for civil discourse, I do not honestly think we are Read more…

A Deacon’s Musing|An Intimate Conversation

What an exciting opportunity for me to share with you a recent gift of an intimate conversation with Robyn Stratton-Berkessel, also known as the Positivity Strategist with whom I share a philosophical passion: Appreciative Inquiry! Please join us as we discuss a range of topics that spans from social change to postmodern Christianity! Pull up Read more…

A Deacon’s Musing: Appreciative Principles|Simultaneity

This ten-part A Deacon’s Musing series will explore the intersection between the change philosophy known as Appreciative Inquiry and a Christian theological orientation grounded in diversity. I am most grateful to be co-shaping this conversation with my mentor and friend Maureen McKenna. We sincerely hope that the definitions, metaphors, theological reflections, images and videos help Read more…

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