A Deacon’s Musing|October Verses

By Dea. Richard
November 11, 2016

This monthly blog is a collection of micro-poetry posted in twitter! In 140 characters, they are part prayer, thought, reflection, challenge or something in-between. We hope that they may lead to reflection, musing and perhaps even discussion!

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Good Morning #Winnipeg
Amidst anxiety
mindful attention
awareness awakens
In this Now
wisdom reveals
threads bind
what was to
what will be
Inspired by wisdom’s whisper …

When in strength
with caring we bear light
to those who in shadows stumble
We model strength humility grounded
& courage gently nurtured
Inspired by gentle tenacity …




What then is justice?
Retribution rends reverence
of sacred souls’ sanctity
Restoration revives relations
once selfishly severed solidarity
Inspired by nuanced justice …

Good Morning #Winnipeg
When distrust
weed sown
compassion strangles
Thanksgiving responds
gratitude’s promise
revealing community resilient
Inspired by Thanksgiving …

manufactured or nurtured
Where we place value
will be visible in that which we do
& that which we do
others authenticity recognise
Inspired by authenticity’s journey …


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Good Morning #Winnipeg
That which you are told you are
how you look
are simply facets of the limitless soul you are
Inspired by infinity’s wonder …

In churning consumer cacophony
humility’s harvest invites attention
to embrace service’s gift
unconditionally offered
nurturing others shine
Inspired by humility’s harvest …




Into each day
expected performance
binds that which you are
to present that which is expected
On this day
be unfettered
& audaciously be You
Inspired by audacity …

Good Morning #Winnipeg
Creation constantly invites possibility
& comfort’s caress
inevitable change resists
May we
courageously dream
Inspired by dreams yet dreamt …

We fill time
parsed slots
bounding me from you
separating you from me
Yet we long
hand outstretched
to wholeness nurture & dreams fulfil
Inspired by agendas let go …


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Courage wears many faces
walks amidst many places
In fear & loss
grief & tear
calm & clamour
With each arrival
heart Other’s dignity upholds
Inspired by courageous clarity …

Good Morning #Winnipeg
An outward response
to that which inward definition defies
Compassion tender
models what words cannot define
Inspired by awkward words …


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