A Deacon’s Musing|May Verses

By Dea. Richard
June 3, 2016

This monthly blog is a collection of micro-poetry posted in twitter! In 140 characters, they are part prayer, thought, reflection, challenge or something in-between. We hope that they may lead to reflection, musing and perhaps even discussion!

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Good Morning #Winnipeg
new life’s promise
in soil awakening
roots breathe
How will we nurture
what shall be?
Inspired by Spring’s breath …

When fierce flames flicker
stinging snow storms
& home’s harmony halts
safety’s semblance
May we tender hands offer
Inspired by fire’s fierceness …



Creep & inch
seen & not
tentacles & antenna’d
Though repulse some respond
life abundant wonder marvels
Inspired by creatures creeping & crawling …
Good Morning #Winnipeg
Upon high
feathered thermal
tears spied
laughter heard
& in grace’s flight
she nurtures
Inspired by vigilant nurturing feminine presence …
Into wonder we might wander
in splendour we shall stroll
amidst abundance we’ll amble
toward potential Now present
Inspired by marvelling mavericks …




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In deep knowing
where we weep
& Centre listens
trust emerges
Not in other’s promise
but what we offer
are we knitted
Inspired by trust’s longing …

Good Morning #Winnipeg
In Change’s land
May our rituals & stories
lead creating imagination
to What Will Shine Anew
Inspired by change’s potential …



Before vast ocean
enigma’s current flows
From different shores
on varied rafts
we meet in Mystery
diversity reflects
Inspired by a beautiful mind …

Good Morning #Winnipeg
Single strand
susceptible to life’s whim
& change’s wind
Yet bound & braided
resilient we are
Inspired by Trinity’s resilient relation …
As water unto river
river into ocean
in our flowing
cascading diversity
we usher dignity’s embracing wave
Inspired by water’s tenacious strength …


In starfield’s dance
we glide & slide
tap & rap
In Universe’s melody
we drum & thrum
as each a note
essence Divine
Inspired by distant light’s beckoning …

Good Morning #Winnipeg
On road’s side
thumb juts
soul salvation seeks
May brakes’ breaking
be Grace’s reply
Inspired by miracles on the side of the road …

Upon our mortal journey
we shall meet
From love to hate
that which preferenced
shall form that which will be
Inspired by light’s waving particle dance …


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