A Deacon’s Musing|June Verses

By Dea. Richard
June 30, 2016

This monthly blog is a collection of micro-poetry posted in twitter! In 140 characters, they are part prayer, thought, reflection, challenge or something in-between. We hope that they may lead to reflection, musing and perhaps even discussion!

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Good morning #Winnipeg
In rainbow’s festivity
May we never forget
dignity requires intention
to nurture diversity
Inspired by Pride confident without ego …

Words weave magic
Sequence & intention
create or destroy
define what is & what will be
What spell shall you conjure?
Inspired by woven word’s magic …



Words fail
amidst tears bled
Safety compromised
endures political posturing
May all who weep
know blessing’s hold
Inspired by words failing …

There’s no #DoOver
Just Now
each moment
Each a teacher
ever guiding
toward awakening #Wisdom
Inspired by the “Do Over” dream …

Good Morning #Winnipeg
Days of yore
past lore romanticise
distracting present wonder
May our Now
spark passion bold
Inspired by recognising wonder in this moment …



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Upon this journey
harmony dances through discord
symmetry underlies disorder
& each new door
reveals vistas vast
Inspired by limitless vistas …

Amidst intolerance
mantra’s hate
& fear’s flame
we are seeds
In all soil
weeds abundant
radical dignity
ever blooms
Inspired by weeds’ eternal hope …



Good morning #Winnipeg
On this day
which Now begins
What changes
shall you embrace
to journey toward
blessing be?
Inspired by family’s gathering …

How you shine
even amidst tears
Her pen
records your tale glorious
even in lament
She scribes
the potential we are
Inspired by our promise in paradox …

Though many forks
oft divert from goal distant spied
It is the moment’s intention
that journey defines
what shall be
Inspired by journey just begun …



No matter mantra
regardless of prayer
irrespective of ritual
internal transformation
nurtures external awakening
Inspired by change’s journey …

As a mask
strength we wear
Obscuring vulnerability’s wisdom
that both knits us together
& life tenacious
Inspired by masks removed …



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