A Deacon’s Musing|July Verses

By Dea. Richard
July 30, 2016

This monthly blog is a collection of micro-poetry posted in twitter! In 140 characters, they are part prayer, thought, reflection, challenge or something in-between. We hope that they may lead to reflection, musing and perhaps even discussion!

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Within this soil
Upon this land
where Jack Pine tall stands
& maple leaves flutter
treaties stitch tapestry diverse
Inspired by a dream called Canada …

Good Morning #Winnipeg
In lives trauma shattered
words fail
shadows deep
As platitude tempts
May we but witness be
Inspired by power to witness …



Where hate emboldens death’s dealers
from Baghdad & Dhaka to Istanbul & Orlando
May we bear Love’s light of peace
Inspired by Love’s promise …
It’s a big
beautiful world
Where magnanimity & selfishness wrestle
& Choice beckons us toward wisdom dawning
Inspired by a pale blue dot …
That which we see
changes not
until first deep we dig
into the rich soil we are
that awaits to transform
the world
Inspired by soil moist …



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Good Morning #Winnipeg
Work there will always be
Compassion ever needed
So on this Sabbath
know enough
we are
Inspired by faithful work …

In space
silent & sacred
when last did yourself sit
listening to how your harmony
cascades within Universe’s song?
Inspired by the song we are …



Good Morning #Winnipeg
In parks & fields
boulevards & lanes
unreported everyday lives
celebrate neighbours we are
Inspired by the untold stories of neighbours …

We may
plan & plot
prepare & ponder
the yonder path
in the step unprepared
awakening stirs that which will be
Inspired by the untold stories of neighbours …

Within reflection
shadow’s side waits
Deeply peer
mirror’d portal
The Self
longing to be whole
integration beckons
Inspired by reflection’s promise …


Good Morning #Winnipeg
More than
survive or strive
We are companions blessed
nurture entrusted that Creation thrives
Inspired by trees talking …

Letting go
paradox’s journey
to letting in
Clinging unto baubles precious
obscures dawning potential abundant
Inspired by letting go …



In fear & anger’s narrative
Love awakens
that within you lies the Beloved
so in the Other
Beloved is met there too
Inspired by the Beloved we are …

Good Morning #Winnipeg
As sol apex meets
& summer lavish lingers
May Sabbath days
renew each to action justice be
Inspired by Sabbath & sun …



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