A Deacon’s Musing|April Verses

By Dea. Richard
May 6, 2016

This monthly blog is a collection of micro-poetry posted in twitter! In 140 characters, they are part prayer, thought, reflection, challenge or something in-between. We hope that they may lead to reflection, musing and perhaps even discussion!

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May Light so shine
even as shadows gather
it is in the #poetry of word
I see you in me & me in you
Inspired as a response to orthodoxy …
Posted: 160401
We rage as horror threatens
to anger’s dehumanising tempt
Harness primal compassion
& healing’s promise beckons …
Inspired by compassion’s response in violence’s midst …
Posted: 160402 
Good Morning #Winnipeg
In each direction
on reconciliation’s walk
wisdom fourfold invites
blessing’s transformation
Inspired by reconciliation’s healing journey …
Posted: 160403
Doubting dreams
skepticism’s symptom
It is in insecurity
imagination inspires innovation
& barriers boldly bridged
Inspired by potential’s petition …
Posted: 160406 
#Leadership aspires to inspire
When I become You
& You becomes Us
We transform
potential = possibility
dreams = Now
Inspired by appreciative leadership …
Posted: 160408

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Good Morning #Winnipeg
For some
dark clouds shroud
skies brightly beckon
To each
how might we
blessing be?
Inspired by rainbows seen in clouds …
Posted: 160410
liberates or enslaves
perpetuates or redeems
Words we employ
intention’s course
freedom or captivity
Inspired by humour’s paradox …
Posted: 160412


Beyond ‘ism or ‘ology
structure or text
creed or rite
faith Creation threads
that which binds
tender touch reveals
Inspired by abundant similarities …
Posted: 160414
Good Morning #Winnipeg
Alone we wander
In community
place becomes home
space becomes sacred
Inspired by transformation in community …
Posted: 160417
Breathe my breath
hear your wisdom
tenderly hold the Other’s touch
In circle wide drawn
as One
we are well knitted
Inspired by democracy’s potential …
Posted: 160419


Good Morning #Winnipeg
In royal purple light
we are Love Divine bathed
In embracing such blessing
May blessing we be
Inspired by prophet’s passing …
Posted: 160424
In that moment
in which words fail
harmony halts
& brush strokes falter
Our only recourse
is wonder wide-eyed awe
Inspired by stars’ gazing …
Posted: 160426
Life’s narrative
imagines characters
nimbly responding
amidst ambiguous vagary
In this plot
who are you?
Inspired by story’s imagination …
Posted: 160429

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